Intersections of Contrary Things

The self-proclaimed sane unconvinced onlookers in books and life expect that their science, stealth investigation, or innovation will eventually clear every messy mystery up and prove once and for all the intense madness of true believers who, guided by the sure light of a divine code, walk in ancient ways.

We the People: On the topic of Abortion

“We the People,” bestowed on us by our constitution, officially labels the collective. It brings to mind our collective – our society acting as one. “We the People” is you, and it is me. It once sounded like a stately title. God considers this collective….

Terrors of the Soul

Unrelenting wild beasts that take your soul; Leviathan, the great impenetrable and unhookable, multiple-headed sea monster that generates world-wide havoc; poisonous arrows that sink into your skin; the mighty, muscular, illusive, Behemoth who eats and eats everything in sight and fears nothing; the roar of…

Sewing A Blog: an Icon, a Poem, and a Confession

I’ve been in a sewing mood the last few weeks, so Sally Lloyd-Jones’ blog on her quilting workshop experience peaked my interest.  At this workshop the participants were asked to randomly choose quilting scraps (even the ones they didn’t particularly like) and sew them together in…