iMac trackpad

Beyond Trackpad Reality

Fact: There is this frustrating malfunctioning trackpad reality.
Fact: There is the wondrous invisible reality that we don’t see and it really is just as real.

Move Down?

Perhaps the concept of moving up in the world has been the only one presented to you. It is possible that, like many, upward mobility is your goal right now, but Jesus, who was already at the pinnacle of upward mobility, in his infinite wisdom, chose to…

Illustration from Alice in Wonderland Gutenberg Project (Public Domain)

Using Jesus to Unlock the Old Testament

In another blog, “Are You Disappointed?”  I said that Jesus believed the Scriptures had something to say about him and that, in fact, Jesus believed he is “The Key” to understanding all the Old Testament Scriptures. Sidney Greidanus’ book, “Preaching Christ from the Old Testament:…

Are You Disappointed?

I’ve realized that disappointment comes when my present reality doesn’t live up to my expectations.  It creeps in, and sometimes drops, like a brick when my life, my marriage, my children, my career, or my plan is headed in a different direction (By “different,” I…