iMac trackpad

Beyond Trackpad Reality

Fact: There is this frustrating malfunctioning trackpad reality.
Fact: There is the wondrous invisible reality that we don’t see and it really is just as real.

Muddy Waters

Sometimes, like dirt on a river bottom, what you thought was all settled in nice lovely patterns, gets all mixed up and you are left with muddy waters.

The Psalmist’s Argument

“God made human minds.” “God made us.” “God exists.” These are three simple sentences with complex rebuttals built in the hearts of rebellious humans

PET Scan of Normal Brain

Raw Pieces of Thought

Enzymes jump like water in hot oil across synapses, from neuron to neuron, until some, terrifying or soothing, mundane or wonder-filled, idea has been cooked behind eyes, nose, and mouth of a single skull.

Death is Coming

Since I was a child, I’ve seen dead people all dressed up, cold and still, flat on their backs, hands folded across their chests the way my husband says I sleep.

Vredefort Crater

The Impact Crater that I Almost Missed

The screams are squelched. The car door opens and the creature drags the girl’s lifeless, limp body into the woods that line the road before the stillness that must come after such violence settles in.

Intersections of Contrary Things

The self-proclaimed sane unconvinced onlookers in books and life expect that their science, stealth investigation, or innovation will eventually clear every messy mystery up and prove once and for all the intense madness of true believers who, guided by the sure light of a divine code, walk in ancient ways.

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