Creating Art from Theology

Creating Art from Theology Curriculum


This small-group study is designed first and foremost to encourage artists, age 18 and up, to produce artworks based on biblical truth for the purpose of raising affections that will glorify God. It is our prayer that engagement with this course will also result in:

  • the use of a creative process that incorporates biblical study as a means for future artistic endeavors.
  • the formation of communities of Christian artists who gather for the purpose of encouragement, teaching, and critique.
  • ways of introducing the surrounding communities and cities to art that portrays the truth of who God is, impacts affections toward God, and affects intentions, attitudes, and actions of obedience toward God.


Creating Art from Theology is composed of 3 units:

  • God the Father
  • God the Son
  • God the Spirit

Each unit consists of 2 stand-alone lessons that explore a theological concept related to a person of the Trinity.

Each of the 6 lessons is composed of 3, 1-hour, parts:

  • Part 1 encourages you to research the breath and depth of the concept.
  • Part 2 moves you from an understanding of the concept to application of it and on to the generation of ideas and goals for the concept’s artistic representation.
  • Part 3 is reserved for critiques. You will have an opportunity to critique the different portrayals of the concept created by your group members and they will have an opportunity to critique your presentation of the concept.

Homework for each lesson requires the creation of an artwork and homework time will vary depending on the artistic goals represented in your particular group.

*A minimum of 3 weeks per lesson (18 weeks) is suggested to move through the entire Creating Art from Theology course.


“Art” is defined, in this course, as the creative and skillful expression of thoughts, emotions, and attitudes that arise from deeply thinking about God.

  • The course will not teach techniques or skills specific to a particular branch of art.
  • This course is intended for artists from all branches of the arts and from all skill levels – amateur to expert.

“Theology” is defined, in this course, as “thinking deeply” about what the Bible, as a whole, tells us about the Trinity and “living in light” of God’s revelation of himself especially in the area of creativity.


(1) The Leader’s Guide provides carefully chosen teaching strategies and a range of engaging activities to enrich the formation and expression of theological concepts. The Leader’s Guide supports the group leader by providing:

  • a Planning Guide and alternative activities that allow the leader to tailor instruction to fit his/her teaching style, time restraints, and group needs.
  • clear directions and explanations.
  • Artist’s Guide pages ‘right there’ in the instruction.
  • handouts to further support instruction.
  • Idea Banks with quality activities to encourage and enhance the creative process.

(2) The Artist’s Guide provides the Scriptural foundation of theological concepts, quality activities to encourage exploration of the breath and depth of the concept, and graphics that guide and orient artists through the creative process. Each three-part lesson includes:

  • Response Guide that provides thoughtful answers to support instructional objectives.
  • List Forms to promote organization, focus, and engagement in the invent and edit stages of the creative process.
  • Critique Forms that function as a guide for the critique stage of the creative process and as a reference tool for modifying art work.


Prayer (based on Exodus 35:31) is encouraged throughout each lesson as a means of reliance on God as the One who fills the artist with:

  • the Spirit of God.
  • wisdom, understanding & knowledge.
  • all creativity & craftsmanship.

Study of this course with others is strongly encouraged. Form a study group with:

  • artists at church, school, or work.
  • artists in your family or among your friends.
  • artists you meet on the Doxology Publishing Facebook page or other social network sites.

Showing/performing your artwork created in this course is passionately and heartily urged. Let others know about your artwork:

  • participate in critique sessions.
  • invite friends to Studio Celebration events.