7 Principles for Thinking Through Scripture

Part of the “How to Study the Bible” Series

The following is Adapted from Fuhr, R.A., Jr., & Köstenberger, A. J., Inductive Bible Study, B&H Academic: Nashville, 2016.

  1. Look for the author’s intent even if he uses creative language structures to express it.
  2. The text must mean the same thing that it meant in the original context to the original audience.
  3. There is one correct interpretation because there is one intended meaning.
  4. The meaning must come from the text, not from your personal experience.
  5. The original language takes precedent over any translation.
  6. Later revelation clarifies, completes, and supersedes earlier revelation.
  7. The meaning of any text must be in harmony with other texts because there is One Divine Author.

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