The Incredible Maybe

A short fantasy written by Evie Rose Little, age 10

Monday February 28, 892 A.D.
Medieval Ireland 

Coin clenched in my teeth, ruby ring clutched in my hand, I tore away from the bejeweled jeweler. He was screaming his head off after me. I smirked. This was going to be easy. I had done this before many times and couldn’t even imagine how much money Kreacher would pay for this ruby ring.

After I was sure that nobody was behind me, I ducked into a small hut and called Kreacher. A minute later the old, skinny man hobbled up next to me in the dank, dark, and dirty room. He had a mysterious cane that looked a lot like a leg bone. Maybe it was. Nobody really knows. He called my name, Ina, and inquired about my findings. Slowly I unclenched my hand and set the ruby ring in his open palm. His unexpected reaction angered me. How could one think a precious ruby ring was worthless? I stormed out with the ring clenched in my fist. I kicked a rock, scowled, and slipped the ring on. Instantly I vanished.  

Tuesday February 29, 2020
Regents Park, London

Wondering where I could possibly be, I observed my surroundings. Sights and sounds filled my senses. Color whirled around me. I could practically taste the air that filled my lungs. My heart skipped back and forth between my chest and throat. People were dressed in absurd clothes, huge metal bird-like things scraped the sky. Ginormous metal monsters, with see-through stomachs that housed people, shot out fumes as they carried the people from place to place.

Suddenly, I felt I tap on my shoulder. I whirled. “Hark! Who goes there and what dost thou want?” I ordered without any hesitation.

“Oi. I didn’t mean to scare you. I am Hazell. What’s your name and why are dressed so funny? And also why do you look like you have just seen a ghost?” She said all that in about five seconds.

“What?” I asked stupidly. Just then another girl came up behind her and ordered her to follow, obviously trying to get her away from me. She seemed to think I was very strange.

“Wait!” I said. “Where am I?” There was a long span of stunned silence.

“Regents, Park London,” the girl smacked with some mysterious wad of pink stuff in her mouth. 

“And the date?” I asked.

“February 29, 2020,” she said as if it were nothing. It was just as I had feared, time travel. 

Wednesday March 1, 2020
Regents Park, London 

Ugh! I woke up to loud bells ringing and whining noises splitting the air outside. Evelyn, the girl I met yesterday, said this was a normal part of waking up, and to quit complaining, and that I was  giving her a headache.

I had a spent the night with Evelyn and her friends in a hotel which is like an inn at home. She explained that she and her friends were in a musical band together and were on a tour traveling the country, playing their music. I’m assuming this is something like minstrels at home? The band members – Nyla on the piano, Albert a saxophonist, Jack on the drums, Evelyn on the flute, and Hazell on the harmonica – were all there. Jack told me they were an ultra cool band, whatever that means. How can a band be cold? I was impressed with their beautiful music and immediately thought my bagpipes would be an excellent contribution if I only had them with me. Everyone agreed. Nyla knew a second hand-store that had some. They bought them for me at a bargain since bagpipes weren’t exactly in high demand. We all started practicing immediately for tomorrow’s show with one exception, Albert, who, as usual, was only thinking of his stomach. 

Thursday March 2, 2020
Regents Park, London

There are so many unusual things in this place that it would take all of my time to record, so I’m going to focus on the concert. First, in preparation, people began hooking up black snakelike things to their instruments and to other big box things with little holes peppered all over them. Apparently this made everything louder somehow. And loud it was! Since I play music by ear, I caught onto the band’s songs immediately. I got lost in their spicy swanky music that they called jazz. I can’t wait to bring this music style home with me. The crowds seemed to love it too, especially their greatest hit, Take Five. Dave Brubeck, the writer of the song, was playing with us. He said the bagpipes gave it an interesting twist. We played all night long. I was exhausted but exhilarated with sugar pulsing through my veins. I had eaten an extra-large rainbow slushy? Glorious. 

Friday March 3, 2020- Regents Park, London and 
Monday February 28, 892 A.D. Medieval Ireland

Major headache. There is something called a sugar crash. Man it’s rough. We spent the morning recovering and laughing over the previous night’s concert. We had a blast. At one point my hands got cold and I stuck my hands in my pockets and withdrew a Viking coin. I immediately vanished.

I was back outside Kretcher’s house standing where I had just kicked the rock. Was I just daydreaming? Could I have imagined time travel?

Thinking it over, I absentmindedly reached into my pocket again and withdrew the ruby ring. It was stuck to a piece of that mysterious pink stuff – gum, as they called it in London. I smiled and threw the ring as far as it would possibly go in the nearby lake.

Maybe someone else will find it?

Too much writing. I’m going to play some jazz on my bagpipes.

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