Websites & Women can be Redeemed

This past week our website, Doxology Publishing, was infected with “mal-ware” (malicious code that someone infects your website with in order to do damage).  I found this out when I searched for the site on Google and saw the words, “Warning: This site may harm your computer.”  Needless to say, that sentence opened a whole bag of emotions and questions, many days of talking to a wide array of technicians, an increase in vocabulary (for example we found out what it means to be “blacklisted” by Google) and a huge learning curve.

Thankfully, we happened upon a company called Sucuri.  By the way, they have a free scanner that will check any website out there for malware even if it is not yours.  You just type in the address of the website you are concerned about, and they tell you if there is malicious code attached and where it is hiding.  If you own a website that has been attacked, for a very reasonable fee, at least it seemed reasonable to us, they will remove the malicious code, tell you how to shore up your site so that it will be more difficult to hack, and monitor it for you for a year.  There are other similar services out there; I just mention this one in an effort to thank them for their quick and effective work on our behalf.

At the beginning of this “get rid of the malware” process I wavered between defeat and a resolve to persevere.  Then finally an abiding trust in God that this was for our good and would result in making our site better emerged.  And long story short, or rather long week short, it did.  Our website was saved and is safe again.  It is being watched over, ‘monitored’, for any new attacks.  And most importantly, we are no longer on Google’s blacklist – they even, at least for a day, put us at the top of the search list for ‘doxology’.

Now what I’m going to say next may seem out of the blue, but it is partly the result of me trying to make sense of two separate, unrelated, and strange incidents that happened to me, a women, within the last year that involved two of my younger Christian brothers.  And it is partly the result of my budding awareness of a stream of thought in Christian communities that appears, unintentionally I think, to be cultivating an attitude toward women, especially among younger Christian men, that fails to acknowledge, at least in practice, that just like websites, women too can be redeemed.  If you are unaware of what I’m talking about, forgive me for not going into more detail, but hopefully the reminder will be helpful anyway.

Yes, it is true that women can maliciously do damage, and many do.  But thankfully there is God.  God redeems women too – he saves them!  He freely scans female hearts and detects any malware that may be lurking there.  He methodically removes malicious desires, words, and actions; secures hearts; continues to monitor female hearts; makes women aware, via the Holy Spirit, of any new malicious code that may attach itself to them; and works concurrently with women to shore up weak points where hackers might try to attack again. God can and does get women off the blacklist.  He redeems them, removes the warning tag from them, and makes them just as safe as their Christian brothers.  And, this is important to say because it is to God’s glory that no one is beyond his saving hand.

What I am not saying

I’m not saying that God’s redemption of women, in any way qualifies them for the biblical roles that God has ordained for men to have.

Goodbye comments

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