Free Theology Resources

I started to compile a list of free theology resources for a colleague and got to thinking others might enjoy these resources as well.  I have added short comments that I hope are helpful.

Older Theologians

  1. Internet Archive is a wonderful resource for original documents.  It provides you with multiple format options – some with search and print functions.  Some of my favorite old-guy theologians you can find on this web-site are:
  2. Christian Classics Ethereal Library has a treasure full of theological books and old hymnbooks.  I love their search feature.  A lot of times I start at CCEL, find what I’m looking for, and then head over to Internet Archive to find the original source for verification purposes.
  3. Puritan Library also has wonderful resources.  Not only does it provide a list of amazing theologians, it also has links to their writings.
  4. The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University is a great site for searching all things Edwards.

Contemporary Theologians

This list is not not even close to exhaustive, but I did include many of my favorites.

This list is not not even close to exhaustive, but I did include many of my favorites.

  1. At Monergism you can find articles on any theological subject imaginable in both print and MP3 formats.  The upside of this site is that it has a great search feature and posts titles in categories with download links.  The downside is some resources only have a print or audio option – not both.
  2. At Desiring God you can get John Piper’s free on-line books as well as a plethora of articles and sermons (video, audio, and print).  I don’t think Dr. Piper thinks of himself as a theologian but others, including me, do.
  3. The Resurgence provides articles by a variety of pastors and theologians.
  4. John M. Frame and Vern S. Polythress are two amazing scholars.  RTS professor, John Frame, has been very helpful to me especially in areas of “The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God,” and “The Doctrine of God” (2 of his books) and in the area of apologetics. Polythress helped me navigate Leviticus.
  5. R.C. Sproul has made many of his teaching resources available for free.  You can sure find some treasures here.
  6. D.A. Carson is an amazing biblical scholar.  I try to read and listen to everything he has to say.  This particular book, “The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God” is definitely worth the time to read.
  7. L’Abri Fellowship Library contains the thoughts of Dr. Francis Schaeffer and others.

Free On-line Theology Courses

  1. Biblical Training should not be passed by.  The high-quality courses on the site are taught by scholars who are experts in their field.  I love this site.
  2. iTunes U via the iTunes Store has amazing courses from Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) Westminster Theological Seminary, and Covenant Seminary – all free of charge.  These seminaries also offer their own resource databases- RTS,  Westminster, and Covenant Seminary .  Covenant Seminary also offers a link to their World-Wide Classroom if you don’t want to use iTunes U.

What are Your Favorites?

Perhaps you have some favorites I didn’t mention.  If so, leave a comment and let everybody know about them.

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