Good Job Jesus

The Swing from Robert Louis Stevenson's: A Child's Garden of Verses

Okay; so I have grandkids. Just bear with me.

My almost two-year old granddaughter is an early riser, and she loves to swing. So, on occasions when she spends the night with us it’s pretty much a sure thing that someone in the house will be watching the sunrise across the bay and pushing Evie in our backyard swing. On one such blue, purple, and pink pre-sun September morning, Evie, bare-feet dangling and dark curls flying, spontaneously exclaimed, “Good job Jesus!”

To be fair, Evie’s mom loves Jesus and uses every possible occasion to reference him. So, as evidenced by her proclamation, Evie already has the beginnings of a theology of creation – her unsolicited praise didn’t just come from nowhere. (Sidetrack: There is a relationship between our theology and how we interpret the world.) But nevertheless the praise of a toddler took me off guard and got me thinking how God’s artwork effectively declares his glory. 1

And, just in case you were wondering why you are here, as part of God’s artful creation, that is what we are meant to do as well. So, if our lives are solely given in order that we have the means to glorify God, shouldn’t our artwork do the same?

With that in mind, I decided to try a brief and admittedly scientifically sloppy experiment. The idea was to do a Google search for “art reviews” and see if any praises to or even distant acknowledgement of God popped up. I randomly choose a link that led me to The Los Angeles Times – Entertainment Section 2. Here are some comments (praises) I found embedded within various reviews of theater and musicals:

• “are carving their own quirky paths”
• “a charming, funny, occasionally filthy and ultimately moving chronicle”
• ”a united front of artistry and activism.”
• “the show deploys some top-notch talent in its spirited crusade for theatrical victory.”

Notice none of the arbitrarily picked “praises” even remotely referred to God. Perhaps you could add to the list with raves from your own reviews, but just wondering do any of them come close to “Good job Jesus!”?

1. Psalm 19:1
2. LA Times