Standing on the Edge

Lily looked at her freshly showered and clothed self in the mirror. Her most recent worst features, the new wrinkles around her mouth, the fat pockets pushing against the side seams of her jeans, and the now perceptible bulge of fat gently rolling over the her mid-rise waistband like a…

Glory Unveiled

It was going to be a three-day drive to my campsite, so I had decided to download the audio version of The Iliad because I wanted to make the best use of my time alone, and I thought it would be good to make improvements at being a civilized person….

How to Get Back to Normal

She had tried so many things, riding the rim of the button three times, closing her eyes and saying abracadabra, wishing, praying … She really didn’t know which thing had worked or if any of them had.

Wonderful Words of Life

Surely those old paintings will have something for me, she told herself as she walked in the chilly spring breeze from the metro station, across the national lawn towards the gallery, looking as much like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s as anyone could.

iMac trackpad

Beyond Trackpad Reality

Fact: There is this frustrating malfunctioning trackpad reality.
Fact: There is the wondrous invisible reality that we don’t see and it really is just as real.

Muddy Waters

Sometimes, like dirt on a river bottom, what you thought was all settled in nice lovely patterns, gets all mixed up and you are left with muddy waters.

The Psalmist’s Argument

“God made human minds.” “God made us.” “God exists.” These are three simple sentences with complex rebuttals built in the hearts of rebellious humans

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