No Ruined Image to Atone

“This will be her first poetry reading,” Megan said. Hattie’s foot shook. A low buzz, like the white noise she played in bed at night, filled her head.

The Portal to Heaven

The trip to Greece was Garrett’s choice, but the excursion was mine. If the portal to Heaven was here, I needed to find it.

The Awakening

Gabriela and her riders unknowingly fulfill Babineaux’s prophecy by waking the town of S’eveiller, North Dakota from their computer stupor.

picture of girl in overalls

Burning Coals of Fire

The town of Goodwill thought they had a good plan for stopping Minnie’s pranks. They never meant to pile burning coals of fire on her head.

Left Behind

Just yesterday, I saw signs of the infection only three blocks down! It was spreading, and he was left behind.

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